About Us

Stitchless is for people that want to make clothes but don't have the time or the skills to do complicated dressmaking.

I'll show you how to create 'one-off' pieces using a few simple tricks that I've picked up in my 30 years' of experience.

To keep things simple I rarely use pins or tacking, opting for thin strips of 'Bond-a-Web' or even thin strips of 'Double Sided Sticky Tape' to hold things in place and then it's a dream to sew!

Often my work involves combining two ready-made garments to create a professionally finished looking piece. For example using a sleeve from a ribbed jumper stitched to the bottom of a pair of baggy trousers is the beginning of a whole new look.

You'll be amazed how easy it can be to make really original clothes using my step-by step photo tutorials. I'll give you details of suppliers and through our trips out you'll come with me to Southall for scarves, amazing fabrics and haberdashery; Shepherds Bush for ends of lines of designer fabrics, fur and fake leather, early mornings at Portobello, Alfies, Christies and Barnet Lawson for Haberdashery.

Wherever we go to buy stuff or look for inspiration, you can come too.