Sep 11, 2011

Sleeveless Cardigan with Draped Sides Part 1


You'll need 2 large mens cardigans.
I bought mine from UNI QLO and they were reduced to £9.00 each.
1. Take one of the cardigans and carefully cut along the line of the side seam, stopping half an inch before the end.
Measure the length of that (mine is 17inches)
2. Then using that measurement, cut across under the arms as in picture above.
Undo the buttons and lay out flat. Cut along the side seams.
And cut up the centre back so you end up with 2 pieces.
3. Then, taking one of the centre back pieces, lay on an ironing board and with it right sides up, lay a thin 1mm strip of Bond a Web.
Get a strip of satin or velvet ribbon and lay on top just covering Bond a Web, don't start with the end of ribbon in line with the hem of the cardigan, allow about half an inch in. Then press with a steam iron.
Stitch along the edge with a straight stitch.
Fold back the ribbon against the wrong side and put a thin strip of Bond a Web along edge.
Fold back the extra half inch of ribbon and remember to put a bit of Bond a Web in here. (See Picture above) and press with an iron.
Stitch along the edge with a straight stitch.
With right sides together and ribbed hems in line stitch along seam opposite the ribbed hem.
Starting from the edge where the ribbon or buttons are. Zig Zag raw edges.
So when you press the seam it should look like above picture when opened out.
4. Now, you have to fit that rectangle into this section.
With right sides together, line up the centre seam of the rectangle with the under arm seam on the cardigan and start sewing from here down to the ribbed hem, keeping an eye on whether the hems line up. If not you can always stretch a little as you go.
When you've finished one side starting again from under the arm, sew down to the hem. Zig Zag raw edges.
Once pressed should look like above picture.
Then repeat onto the other side.
Now you have finished stage one of this Tutorial.
This method of applying a section into the side seam to create draped sides can be used on T-shirts, Vest Tops, Jumpers..... just use your imagination.
I'll be showing you Part 2 in Tutorial 13 where we learn how to create deep sleeveless armholes with wide ribbing around the edge.