Aug 22, 2011

Upstyle, Flower Applique onto Cardigan

For this 'Upstyle' tutorial I've used 'Digital Fabric Paper' and printed using my home printer.
It comes in cotton and silk and dries in minutes.
1. To make a garland of flowers I had to print 2 halves as I only have an A4 printer. Once fabric is dry, peel away from paper backing.
2. Then lay onto some 'Bond a Web' and cut out.

3. Press with iron.
You can peel off paper backing but I prefer to wait till I've cut out the image.

4. Cut around each garland and laying them on top of each other work out where you'll need to cut them to make them fit.
Now is a good time to peel of paper backing
Stretch cardigan onto ironing board and layout your printed fabric.
Once you're happy press into place.
5. When everything is pressed now you can sew using a straight or zig zag stitch, all around your design.
This method can be used for any piece of clothing.
Looks really great to build up a collage of prints onto the back of a coat or jacket great upstyle project.

My Digital Printing Fabric paper was bought from 'Crafty Computer Paper'. online.