Jan 16, 2012

Designer Kagool/Rain Mac

This Kagool can be made in an evening using 2 mens, zip front Kagools.

Buy one to roughly fit and the other much bigger, to use as fabric.


The above red Kagool shows the front view. 

 This black one shows the side view

This shows it as a kind of Bomber Jacket which is the end of Part 1.

You may wish to stop at this stage. 

Buy 2 Kagools (or wind sheeter).

Mark with chalk, where your back of the waist is, then mark few cms higher, allowing for the ribbing. 

Draw an arch shape, from the centre down to the front hem, as shown above. 


Then cut it out allowing about 1cm for seam allowance. 

Then gather at the back, from side seam to side seam only .

From an old cardigan or jumper cut a strip of ribbing that once stretched using an iron and some steam, fits all around the arch , from the hem at the front all around the back finishing at the front on the other side.

With your stretched and pressed ribbing lay it right sides together starting at the front hem work your way round, remembering to stretch the ribbing to fit the faric as you go. 

With you having stretched the ribbing as you sewed the front, it might look a bit scrunched up

 but as soon as you press and stretch out (with tea towel on top) it will quickly go beautiful and flat.


You can stop at this stage and stick with a lovely Bomber Jacket...... or continue to add a section to make it longer and more like a Designer Kagool Coat

The above picture show the back

Get the 2nd kagool and cut all along right uner the armholes..

Then sew on (flat no gathering) from front hem remembering to stop at side seam of jacket. Then do the same on the other side

You'll be left with a gapping hole and excess fabric.

Gather along the edge of the excess fabric and ease it to fit into the hole. then sew.

If you want to see video of this go to Stitchless TV.