It doesn't get any better than this in London (or anywhere that I have ever been in the whole wide world) for choice, quality, bargains everything. You get designer, basics, cottons and silks, fur and leather, printed and plain, knitted and lace, African and Indian it goes on and on and on..... as you can probably tell I love it!

Classic Textiles (44)
One of my favorite of the Goldhawk Road cluster, it's been here for 50yrs and I've been coming since I was a kid. This shop crams an amazing amount of fabric into a cramped three floors and has a particularly impressive selection of natural fibers, especially silk, at startlingly low prices. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Highlights include silk jersey, wool suiting and discount Liberty prints.
A-One Textiles (50-52)
Also, one of my all time favorite is this one. Lots of quality fake fur, leather and leatherette, silk velvet, neoprene, felt and silks, including affordable embroidered silks, habutai and silk velvet. Also a ton of cotton shirting and wool suiting.
 Fabric House (46)
Ok, the guy in this shop is so lovely, helpful and friendly that you are prepared to excuse how difficult it is to sometimes see what he's got. Ask him if you are looking for something specific and he'll probably pull it out from under a fabric mountain somewhere in his shop. Alot of his fabrics are used by Top Shop. 
UK Textiles
This shop is more expensive than the others in the area but you really do get top quality stuff here so definitely go and have a look.
Alanaka Textiles (28)
You'll be confused when you first go in because they don't show rolls of fabrics just sample lengths but go right in and to the right and they have amazing duble sided  fake suede and sheepsking fabric, silver and gold fabric with fake leather scales all over it and wonderful Biba like printed velvets. Then go downstairs for even more luxurious fabrics. 
A-Z Fabrics (53a)
 These people are lovely and hve a great colour selection of pure silk satins and silk organzas. They also have the odd supprise so do pop in for a look.
Fabric World (49c) 
More lovely helpful people with great selection of coloured silks but with a whole lot more. Old Liberty print cotton lawns, laces, brocades, leather, wools, and loads of rough silks, silk brocades and tons of stuff. 
Flamingo Textiles (13)
Don't know if this shop is still open but it does crazy animated African fabrics that I've not seen any where else for peanuts. 


Material World
The owner of this shop Mark, he's has been in the business for years and seems to have alot of ends of lines from high street shops. BUT.....sometimes when you least expect it he goes and gets some amazing brilliant stuff from some designer like Mathew Williamson like pure wool geometric patern fabrics in totally lush colours for peanuts. but as soon as it's in, it's out! So if you see it buy it. You can go one week and there be hardly anything and then you go 2weeks later and they've got all this fantastic stuff. He has really lovely helpful, experienced staff and it often has a lovely party like atmosphere with local like minded people from all walks of life meeting there for a chat and opinion about best fabrics etc. I love it here! 


Coming soon!


Simply Fabrics (57 Atlantic Rd)
OMG why had I never been to this fabric shop before. Robert the very helpful, enthusiastic owner said he's had the other shop, (great for haberdashery across and up the rd a bit toward Electric Ave market) he said that had been there for 25yrs. But forget that shop you want the one at 57 Atlantic Rd. Here Robert has the most incredible selection of ends of lines from some top quality places at totally bargain prices...fantastic! I'm moving in!!!


Barnet Lawson (16-17 Little Portland Street, London, W1W 8NE)
OK, you are so lucky that as a regular member of the public you can actually buy haberdashery here at trade prices! You will not believe the quantity and selection of braidings, bindings, ribbons, buttons, elastics, lace trims, chains, gosh just loads of stuff all available to you at a fraction of what you'd normally pay in the shops. When you get there ring the Barnet Lawson buzzer and they just let you in.


This street is like the Sloane Street of the fabric world but still well worth a visit. You don't always need alot of fabric for a project, so when you see £60 per mtr remember you might only need half of that to make an extra special, one off, never to be seen elsewhere top.
Cloth House (47a)
Don't rely on the website of any of these places to really show what's really available when you go to visit the actual shops.The kind of place to browse for hours. Beautiful window displays, shelves of vintage laces, trims, ribbons and rickrack and buttons in Mason jars, plus a soundtrack of 1930s jazz. Emphasis is on natural fibers and their fabrics include organic cotton, ikat, batik, seersucker, ticking, shirting, corduroy and moleskin. Staff are friendly and helpful and prices run from reasonable to regrettable. 47a Berwick Street, W1.
Cloth House (98)
This is my favourite of these shops a real opportunity to get something quite rare and so..... special but expect to pay special prices. It's at the opposite end of Berwick Street, this sister shop is bigger and carries more specialty, textured and sophisticated fabrics, including laces, velvets, wool knits, metallics, tweeds and lots of cotton and silk jerseys.
The Silk Society (44)
Small but competently stocked shop specializing, naturally enough, in silks. Not too appallingly priced, despite wanky Flash website.
Soho Silks (22 D’Arblay Street, W1.)
Promisingly grubby and smelling slightly of stale ciggies, Soho Silks carries a mix of synthetic and natural fabrics, including wool crepes, linens, laces and tweeds. Ask for Rebecca to get a good deal, apparently.
Textile King (81)
Not been here! Mostly catering for men’s tailoring, this airy shop has a small collection of vintage fabric as well as a good selection of wool suiting, linings, tweed and shirtings. As so often in London, prices are set in direct proportion to the amount of floor space visible.
Broadwick Silks (9-11 Broadwick Street. W1)
Crammed full of such shiny and beautiful silks I couldn’t bear to go in. “Couture” is French for “prepare to hemorrhage money”.
Borovick (16)
Not as amazing as The Cloth House but good for basicsCheerfully garish and specializing in shiny synthetics (sequins, lame, leopard print). Also carries leather, real and faux fur, suede and a basic range of thread, needles, zips and Dylon fabric dyes.
Berwick Street Cloth Shop (14)
Glammy and rammed with special-occasion and novelty fabrics. If it’s embroidered, fringed, beaded, feathered or textured, they probably carry it. Plenty of knits, synthetics and silks.