Oct 7, 2010

New Stretchy Waistband

New Stretchy Waistband
This is part 2 of these fantastic trousers.

In this tutorial we'll be showing you how to remove a regular waistband with fly and put this easy, stretchy waistband on with the option of wearing it high or dropped on the hips.

1. Take an ordinary pair of loose fitting trousers. I used trousers from UNI QLO.
Or you could 'Upcyle' an old pair of trousers.

2. Look at how wide the stetchy waistband to be applied is and cut 1inch shorter than this when cutting off the waistband.

3. You need to stitch around the waist to keep the fly and pockets in place, this is called a 'Stay Stitch'.

Take care when stitching over the fly.

If you have a button fly check for buttons near to the waistseam as you may need to remove it.

4. Cut your waistband off your High Waisted Leggings.
I use American Apparell shiny Lycra high waisted leggings.

This may seem wasteful but I get alot of mileage out of one pair of these leggings, keep the rest as we'll use it in another tutorial.

Make sure you cut just next to the overlocked waist seam (so you end up with no overlocked bit). Front and back pieces are the same.

You may need to do a Zig Zag stay stitch to stop layers from moving.

Fold the in half so as to get the centre front and back and make a little notch (snip) with the sissors.

5. Put the tube of the waistband over the waist of the trousers with right sides together.

Then align the side seams and front and back seams with notches on waistband.

Because the trousers are bigger than waistband, this will only be possible to do when you stretch the waistband to fit as you sew, so just take note of where they are for now.

Using a Zig Zag stitch sew 1/2inch from edge, remember to line up seams which will seem as if trousers are too big, but when you stretch the bottom fabric ie. waistband it fits well.

Another thing to look out for is when you sew over the zip fly be careful not to break the needle, I often lift the sewing foot so as to miss it. Then try it on and if it fits ok Zig Zag stitch again for double strength. Then Zig Zag edge so it doesn't fray

New wide stretchy waistband which can be used for any type of loose fitting trousers.

Once you've tried them on if all is ok it's a good idea to do another line of stitching for double strength and Zig Zag edge to stop from fraying.