Oct 3, 2011

A Stripy Cardigan

Look....... at this amazing cardigan made from 2 cardigans.
One that fits you and one to use for the fabric.
Combining 2 finished garments together, is a great easy way to create your own individual cardigan whilst keeping the professional finished look.
You need 2 classic V or crew neck cardigans.
I've used 2 stripey cardigans from Portobello £15 each but you can use any plain ones.
1. Using an unpicker or little scissors unpick the ribbing on the main cardigan.
It should look like the above picture. I stopped half an inch beyond the ribbing.
Cut out an arch shape, the centre height should be about 6ins.

Remember to keep this piece that you have cut out as you'll be using the ribbing later.
Fold over and make a notch (a little snip) to show centre back.
Then open out and do 2 more notches 6ins apart, to show where to gather.
Using biggest stitch on your sewing machine, gather between those 2 notches.
2. Now........get the other cardigan, that you are using as fabric.
Cut right along just under the arms so you end up with a rectangle. (see above picture)
Measure how long the arch is on the main cardigan.
That's how long your rectangle needs to be.
Mine was too long so I'm cutting a section out of the middle (don't just cut it off from the end as you want to keep the edges with buttons and button holes.)
Stitch right sides together and don't forget to zig zag edges.
Open out and press.
Then fold over and put a notch to mark the centre.
3. Using the arch piece left over from part 1. cut half an inch above the ribbing so you end up with a long strip. Then fold and make a notch to show the centre.
Really stretch this using a steam iron on the ironing board.
Then starting with your centre notches together, with the ribbing (right side facing up) start sewing out towards the edge.
Do the same on the otherside.
Now you can treat this as 1 piece.
Get some Bond a Web and cut into 1-2mm strips.
Big Tip: Don't bother using pins use thinly cut stips of Bond a Web instead and glue into place 1st with an iron and then it's a dream to sew.
This is how your cardigan looks when layed out upside down.
Take to the ironing board and start bonding the  rectangle into position, carefully working your way round.
Starting is so important.
Line up the edge of the ribbing with the edge with the buttons and buttonholes on exactly, before bonding into place. Then only bond till you get to the start of the gathering on the back.
Then start on the other side and do the same.
Now you can ease the gathering to fit exactly then bond into place. (might need to loosen or pull gathering threads to make fit.)
Now that everything is bonded into place, have a little check in the mirror.........if all is ok, see what a dream it is to sew.
Don't forget to zig zag your raw edges and make sure you press well.
And they should look something like this!
The great thing about this tutorial is with a little imagination you can apply it to so many things maybe a jacket?
Look out for my Kagoole Jacket Tutorial where I use a similar technique.