Aug 23, 2011

Tank Top made in Missoni Fabric

This fabric was £24 per mtr but I only used 60cms so it cost me about £15 to make.
I could also have upcycled a scarf if it was wide enough
Sorry some pictures were done at night and the quality is not great!
1. Fold fabric so the hems meet and lay a vest top that fits you on top as a template.
Work out how long you want it and adjust where you think the hem should be.
I wanted my top to be 19inches long.
When you cut your top make it go out at the hem by about 3inches (6cms)
2. Separate the front and back and fold right sides together on each.
Then for the front work out how long you want the 'V' neck at the  front to be, then cut from the shoulder down at an angle to the centre front. (as seen in photo)

Then for the front armhole, I like deep armholes on my tank tops so I've cut 2cms deeper on the armhole (see photo above)

You then have to repeat this on the back armhole, so lay them on top of  each other and shape the back armhole.
Make sure the tops of the shoulders line up too, trim accordingly.
Your pieces should look something like this when you lay them out.

Lay them ontop of each other, right sides together and stitch shoulder seams.
Zig zag raw edges to finish off.
3. Cut a 2inch wide strip of jersey or knitted fabric (make sure you cut across the ribbing lines for extra stretch, click on picture to enlarge). I used some left over old grey cardigan. Then fold over, wrong sides together stretching as you go.
Then take this piece and stretching as you go work your way round the neckline to see how long it needs to be and cut allowing extra for seam allowance.
Stitch right sides together, then fold back and press wrong sides together again.
With seam at one end work out where a notch (little snip to mark something) should be to signify half way round the circle or where it will be stitched to centre front.
4. With ribbing on right side of tank top fabric, start at the centre back making the join in the ribbing begin here.
Using a medium to large straight stitch start sewing.
When you attach ribbing onto anything, you must stretch the ribbing as you sew, not the bottom fabric.
Be aware as you work your way round that you have to get the notch to meet up with the 'V' on the centre front, so ease and stretch accordingly.
If you don't feel confident to do this, I can really recommend cutting some 'Bond a Web' to about 1-2mm and press with an iron to glue in place first before sewing but you still have to stretch the ribbing as you go round.
Once you've zig zaged your raw edges to finish off you must put over the ironing board and stretch as you press all the way round and really, really stetch and press.
5. Keeping the armhole open make another piece of ribbing and attach in the same way, remembering to stretch as you press at the end.
Then simply stitch up the side seams, zig zag to finish off, press your seams and! That's it, it's so easy!
Imagine all the different versions of this you could do. I've also made them in lace and glitzy fabrics, so long as you use the ribbing finishing off method, it looks great! (Allow a bit extra for fabrics with no stretch, an inch pinch on either side should be fine.
Also, if you cut it longer it could be a dress, but remember to buy double the fabric or get 2 scarves.
Extra Ribbing Belt
1. Using Ribbing or old knitted fabric (make the same as your ribbing on the Tank Top), cut across the ribbing lines for extra stretch, cut a length or 2 lengths 2inches wide to make a belt long enough to tie round and hang down a bit.
Because my pieces were not long enough I had to join them together like this.
Starting in the middle stitch along edge 1cm allowance and finish in a point. Trim off excess.
Then go back to the middle of the belt again leave an opening 2inches and do the same down the other side.
Using something that's long with a bit of a point at the end start pushing it inside out then pull through the opening.
Do the some on the other side and then stretch and press.
I think this really finishes off the look and is a handy tip to know as you can make a belt for anything, maybe from the hem of a dress that was too long.
I'll show you how to do it and you use your imagination to create your own look.